A salon-style series that reimagines possibilities for higher learning, After School aims to:

  • innovate ways of sharing knowledge
  • invigoriate critical thinking
  • inspire engaged citizenship
  • promote intellectual curiosity and joy
  • bring people together in a social setting

Our mandate is to make smart things happen in fun places with good people. Toronto is overflowing with intelligent, diverse, and creative minds. After School draws life from this city's exemplary community ethos and provides access to engaging thinkers, writers, artists, politicians, scientists--speakers who hail from all disciplines and backgrounds.

We live ever-narrowing lives in front of screens, trolling Facebook, pinning on Pinterest, panting after Twitter feeds. It's a commonplace observation to say that social media has replaced socializing. And while social media play an important role in 21st-century life, we must never underestimate the importance of creating live spaces in which people get together to share and think, and challenge and enjoy one another.